What the <hack> is HackTM?
HackTM is the largest hackathon in South-Eastern Europe and the battleground for digital pundits with crazed ideas who’re not afraid of a little bit of competition. Lights on! It’s hacking time!
Who can attend?
1. Developers
2. Designers
3. Not 1 or 2
Why join?
How to avoid bad life by getting back to the hack
HackTM is all about the fun atmosphere, even if Shift happens! with your project. If you’re having fun, you’ve already hacked half the prize.
Meet a bunch of digital buffs as passionate, quirky, fun and nice as you. Expand your circle and join a growing community of hackers from all walks of life and with different career paths.
Try Something New
Hackers’ gonna hack, but they’ll also want to do other stuff. When the time comes, we’ll be ready with plenty of side-activities to keep you up and running.
Learn Cool Stuff
Not your ordinary everyday stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you go “Ha!” and then inspires action. Yes, that kind of cool stuff.
Tickets out now!
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